Thursday, 25 March 2010

Black & White

One of my darling kittens! She's always sleeping on my feet! (very warm and cozy! :)

Posing :)
My ZARA boots!

I am happy this day is almost over
Today was a hard day for me.. you know when you wish the day was already over when it's only 10 AM? 
I had one of those days... 
I was on the search for some good movies to match my downy feelings, anyone some suggestions? 

In these pictures I am wearing my new boots from ZARA. I saw them on another girl and asked her where she bought her boots which was the start of a new friendship :) Clothes.. they really are good for everything! :D
She told me she bought them during the sales, so I had no hope left. But the good gods were obviously watching and dropped the last pair of shoes in my size in my hands! So I had to buy them :)
The shirt I'm wearing is from NEWLOOK
The skirt is from FORNARINA

I hope you guys all had a great day! 
Ooh no, one of my kittens is eating my pasta!!! Time to go and save what's left.. (ieuw :)




  1. My kitty always sleeps at my feet too!

    I also went to ZARA for the first time this summer when I was in Germany; unfortunately there aren't many here in the US :( and no online shop :(
    I read that they were working on an online shop.. I tried to Google it

  2. Hi Christina!

    Hahaha I loooove kitties!!!
    I have two of them: a boy and a girl. and they're soo cute and sweet!

    I'll try to find the online shop! because they do have very nice and cheap clothes!



  3. gorgeous!! my favourite outfit!! you look amazing!

  4. wow love this post so much! just like everyother! LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCHHHH! such an inspiration! Am bookmarking you right now! Hope you can stop by mine sometime!


  5. You look very sexy :)
    I love New Look,Zara! Very pretty blog!!!
    I am new follower for your blog)))
    Follow me too ;)))

  6. I have definitely had those days when it seems like they couldn't be over soon enough : )

    I LOVE your boots though...and those suspenders are precious! You always have the best style, girl!!

  7. Hey Hey! wauw :) thanks for all these nice comments! I was searching these suspenders for a long long time.. I first wanted black ones, but now that I have these in white, I think I even prefer them in this colour!

    Fashion Bloggess, thank you so much! I visited your blog and I really like it! So I left you a comment! :)

    I am happy with my new boots! (they do still hurt my feet from time to time :D)


  8. great boots! They have a similar skirt at H&M!


    Much love from Atlanta!

  9. i love your skirt!! is it tulle? i couldnt tell from the pic! when im in a blah mood i watch episodes of sex and the city. i have the whole series so i just randomly pic a disc and let it play while i'm doing whatever i need to. always works for me!! thanks for the nice comment on my blog today :)

    xo Lindsey

  10. Love the Zara boots. Good buy! And gorgeous kitten too.

  11. You look great and i love your skirt!!

  12. Wonderful pics! I really love!

    (News on

  13. hey!

    The skirt is made of tulle!

    I know Sex & the City series or even the movie make me feel better :)
    I heard there's going to be a second movie? Is it out yet?

    Have a great day / evening girls!!!

    X L

  14. Your outfit is super gorgeous! xxxx

  15. Hi!!! thank you!!!
    I am so sorry I didn't post anything new but this week was sooo busy! I'll post something new very soon!

    Thank you again for your lovely comments!

    X L

  16. dat shirt is zo leuk! vooral die versierinkjes op de schouders=]


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