Monday, 1 March 2010

Tree of love

Today was a long long day... And after a long day comes good food!
My plans for this evening were: eating greasy fat fast food with a friend of mine and so that's what we did!
We ended up eating at a not-so-very-cozy place, but the food was great!
Of course, I overate myself and now my tummy is all swollen! :(
-but yet I found a little more room for the leftovers of my delicious cake I bought on Sunday! (chocolate pie ... Of COURSE!!! :)

This weekend I had more time to shoot some pictures, I hope you like these ones outside with the tree!
I am wearing a white layered skirt that I've bought in Barcelona and Thai shoes and shirt (that I've bought in Bangkok).
My headband is from Friis & Company.

Love to you all!



  1. Were you inspired by alice in wonderland? This is a great shoot, kinda eerie but very beautiful!


  2. These photos are so pretty! I love your outfit and the headband is adorable!

    Have a great day!!

  3. Thank you so much girls! I'll post some more pictures! I promise!

    X L


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