Thursday, 25 March 2010

Black & White

One of my darling kittens! She's always sleeping on my feet! (very warm and cozy! :)

Posing :)
My ZARA boots!

I am happy this day is almost over
Today was a hard day for me.. you know when you wish the day was already over when it's only 10 AM? 
I had one of those days... 
I was on the search for some good movies to match my downy feelings, anyone some suggestions? 

In these pictures I am wearing my new boots from ZARA. I saw them on another girl and asked her where she bought her boots which was the start of a new friendship :) Clothes.. they really are good for everything! :D
She told me she bought them during the sales, so I had no hope left. But the good gods were obviously watching and dropped the last pair of shoes in my size in my hands! So I had to buy them :)
The shirt I'm wearing is from NEWLOOK
The skirt is from FORNARINA

I hope you guys all had a great day! 
Ooh no, one of my kittens is eating my pasta!!! Time to go and save what's left.. (ieuw :)



Sunday, 21 March 2010

What hairstyle do you like?

I found these different pictures of me on my computer
I was wondering whether I would go for the curly hair, bangs or shorter hair.. 

In the third picture, I'm wearing one of my favourite coats from FORNARINA. 

I am also posting these pictures where I 'm wearing an old jeans from BERSHKA, a black top from URBAN OUTFITTERS, a cardigan from TOPSHOP and my lovely shoes from MARC JACOBS

Hope you like it! 


Thursday, 18 March 2010


Ooh today is such an exciting day!!! A friend of mine just started working at a company that sells cosmetics from GUERLAIN, KENZO, DIOR, and so on!
Today was her first day and she already gave me presents!!!
I got a blue mascara - I know, a bit weird, but it looks great! (at least that 's what I think.. ? :D)
a new face cream and a new gloss!

I'll post something about these things later this week, but for now I 'll give you this shirt I love from LUCCA COUTURE

I used one of the pictures as my banner picture! I hope you like my new banner? Let me know what you think!

Aah and the weather was GREAT! :) Finally sunshine and I was actually feeling hot!


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My favourite dress


I just found these pictures I took a couple of weeks ago where I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses from YUMI!
Check out one of the online sites here

It's a dress I bought in Paris in a small shop in the neighbourhood of Pompidou.

I haven't got many pictures but I'll search for more (because they're somewhere on my computer!)

I had a good time going out last Friday, but now I'm back in the I-love-to-watch-movies-and-stay-in-all-night mood :)

I read a lot about Tokyo and Japan and saw a lot of interesting Japanese blogs!
I think I'm going to plan my next holiday ;)

(I look so serious! :D)

These are other lovely dresses from YUMI! (I've got the second one in black!)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Going Out

This time, I'm only posting one picture because I am tired and it's already late :)
Last Friday, I went to visit one of my friends who works at a radio station.
I watched him perform live!
We picked up tickets for that evening and went out

The pants is from FORNARINA
the white shirt from TOPSHOP
My sweater is from ZARA
and the headband is from CLAIRE's

Hope you like it!


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Mish Mash

Today was just as cold as any other day... I'm getting tired of the same old weather over and over again.. I wish it was already summer and I could go somewhere far far away and not worry about anything!
I miss the sun so much..

I bought a lot of things lately but I haven't had the chance to put them on because of the weather :( so I decided to post them like this :)

I was also very busy with work and trying to see my friends in the evening that I lost track of my blog and posts.. But just for a day or two so I hope you'll forgive me! :D

The shorts and the pink ballerina's are from ZARA
the top and vest are from H&M
the little bag is from TOPSHOP (I saw it online and asked my mum to buy it for me when she was in London ;)
and the nail polish is from Urban Outfitters, they're my favorite!!! (and they stay very long!)



Monday, 8 March 2010

Ordinary Day

Today, I wanted to shoot some pictures with a friend of mine after eating at this famous spaghetti place where you can only eat spaghetti's!
mmmm :)
As you can see, I am watching television and eating these delicious cookies I got from someone very sweet (!) while posing :)
I'm not wearing anything special, but I am wearing my newest acquisition: the headband! It's from CLAIRE'S.
The shirt is from the MADONNA H&M edition and the sweater is from ZARA.
The belt is from MANGO.

I was hoping for good weather, but instead the weatherman decided to give us snow!!!