Friday, 2 April 2010

Boy Pants

I know you're supposed to say the 'boyfriend pants', but I decided to call them boy pants instead :)
I bought them a couple of weeks ago and wore them already many times! 
It feels absolutely great: as if you were walking aroung in your pajamas! 
I had fun taking these pictures, some of them look a bit ridiculous! :D
I am also adding a couple of pictures I took after a night out, it was 5 in the morning and I was sooo tired, but I couldn't sleep so decided to make some pictures for my blog

This week was all about studying and working my ass off, and next week will be even worse: I'm having exams every day! EVERY DAY! iew! 

But at least I made plans for the weekend, so I can forget about next week! I'm sure I'll be able to find the time to shoot some more and update my blog! 

Aaah! and of course, I'll talk to you about all the new things I got from my friend, the one who works at Dior! 

I wanted a casual look this time. 
Hope you like it! 



These are the pictures I took after the night out.. jeez, I look tired! 
My coat is from SESSUN, the dress is a black see through dress (unknown brand) and a pink dress from H&M
The necklace is from FRIIS & COMPANY

I bought this t-shirt in Berlin, the belt is from ZARA and boy pants from NEWLOOK
         Posing :)                                  

                                                                   & don't know what I was doing here...

                                                         and the hat is from H&M

Love !


  1. i would love to find a good pair of boy/boyfriend pants as well. :)

    follow me too? :)

  2. cute pants:D i wanna get some too but all the ones that i find are waaay to big:D

    Will now be following your blog.. Will you follow mine too?


  3. I love the illustration on that tee.
    Lovely blog.

  4. The olive color of your pants feels perfect for spring!

  5. hi laura! thanks for your comment on my forever21 post. sorry it took me hours to reply. :)

  6. I just about adore those boyfriend pants. I've always looked at certain pairs but never thought that they would suit me. Maybe I just need to keep trying certain pairs on and seeing what style suits me best.
    Lovin' the design on the t shirt too :)

    An all round gorgeous post. You're gorgeous!

  7. i love the dress in the first pic!!!

  8. youre so cute! love the pictures

  9. love it
    grat outfit
    you are so beautiful

  10. pretty dress!

    oh and i wish i can pull of the boyfriend pants. You look good!

    Xx Nazneen

  11. Love the boyfriend style - so flattering, very cool! These are the perfect blend of comfort and style..great choice! I've been searching for a combination like that...

    --chloe **

  12. Love your outfits!

    Ellie <3

  13. hi! i gave you a blog award. come check it out at my blog. :)

  14. Great blog!

  15. Hi dear! This is my first time on your lovely blog! I really like the boyfriend pants, I'd like to find a similar pair! kisses from Italy ;)

  16. THANKS MIMI that's sooo sweet :) <3


    I 'll post something new in a few minutes!



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