Saturday, 20 February 2010


Hi everyone!
Today I spent the whole day shopping with two of my friends! I bought this pink-ish sweater, which I was looking for a long long time! This pink sweater is from NEW LOOK. I already saw it a couple of months ago, but only in very large sizes, and as it is already a 'baggy' sweater, I couldn't buy it in a 44 or 46. I am planning on wearing it in house: large and soft, the way comfy-clothes are supposed to be!
I also bought a blue dress with pearls from PUSSYCAT. I think I've never bought something in this colour before, but I see more and more blue things in shops and I kinda always wanted to wear this blue but never found something I really liked..

I also bought this light blue shorts from ZARA. This was the last shop before closing time and we were in a hurry so I didn't even get the chance to try it on, but I will tomorrow, and I'll post it for you later.

One of my friends had a full box of hair products in her trunk, and she wanted to get rid of them so she decided to hand them out to all of our friends after a dinner party and some very good tasting cocktails! 7 girls shouting over hair products 'I want that one cause I have dry hair' and 'Oohh no my hair is greasy so I should go for that one' isn't what you could call "attractive" on a late Saturday evening in the middle of the street, but it was sooo much fun and we all got sooo many different hair products!
I'll try them out and let you know whether they are good or not!

I also tried on this bracelet in H&M and a dress and a skirt in NEW LOOK.

See you tomorrow with some new posts!


  1. that coblat blue dress with the white and gold detailing all over is stunning. btw. you have really pretty eyes. i'm a little jealous. mine are just brown. :)

  2. Thank you so much! But brown eyes can be very pretty too! (Jessica Alba has brown eyes and she's a very pretty woman!) :p
    It's a £25 or €35 dress! I'm so happy I finally found something in that colour!


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