Monday, 22 February 2010

Bathroom Pictures

I've decided to take pictures in my bathroom because it was too cold outside brrr!
I've recently bought a dress from URBAN OUTFITTERS in a creamy colour with black pearls on the shoulders. I wore it with a black mini skirt from FORNARINA. Both fabrics are a bit see-trough so that's the reason I wore a skirt above the dress. I've also bought these stockings you see everywhere with the small dots from AMERICAN APPAREL. I must warn you: go and buy them at H&M because there I saw them for only 5 euro's and those from AMERICAN APPAREL are 32 euro's!
I haven't had the time yet to try on my blue short, but I'll definitely make some time for that.

About the hair products: I've tried the 'pre shampoo treatment mask' of LAZARTIGUE and it's GREAT!!! My hair is SUPER soft and the product smells heavenly! I would also recommend the FURTERER - Carthame shampoo!

See you tomorrow with some more news! (It involves a cat!)



  1. cute sweater!

    PLEASE help a gal out by checking out my new blog!

  2. Thanks Diya!!

    I'll check it out right now!

    X L


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