Monday, 22 February 2010

I just saw cupcakes walking down the streets of the web

and I wanted to eat them all!!!
New plan for this weekend: trying out new cupcakes!
For the icing:
4 spoons of strawberry jam
1 portion of meringue butter cream
pink colour

and for the cakes:
125 grams of butter and sugar and flower
2 eggs
2 big spoons of milk

and they will be ready to eat!


  1. Hi Laura! So glad you stopped by my blog, it's very nice to meet you! You have such a cute blog and I can't wait to read more posts! I'm now a follower : ) Those cupcakes look makes me want to make some this week!

    Have a great evening girl!!

  2. Mmmmmm...they look pretty yummy!!!Probably better than chanel's on my blog..!;)))

  3. they do look yummy!
    thanks for visiting my blog, yours is really...lovely!!!


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